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Chartered Committees

The General Assembly charters "mission based" committees on as-needed bases. These committees are driven by an end-goal, and lead by a chairperson. All General Assembly members are encouraged to go through the details of these committees and participate in fulfilling the mission of the committee(s) that resonate with them the most.

Governing Documents Committee

Chair: Celina Harris, Chief Justice


Charge: The Governing Documents Advisory Committee (committee) shall be charged with continuing the work of the “COGS Constitution & Bylaws Committee” established in the previous Assembly. The charge of the previous committee was to rewrite the COGS Constitution & Bylaws.

This committee shall have the same charge, in addition to recommending and proposing structural changes to the form and function of our governing documents to better align organizational authority with the principles of shared governance and “intended” function of the organization. Additionally, the committee shall resolve discrepancies between the currently existing governing documents, clarify language throughout, and clarify legal requirements defined in our governing documents.


Membership: The committee shall be composed of members of the General Assembly, as currently defined.

Deliverables: A new set of governing documents, including at least, but not limited to, Constitution & Bylaws, and additional documents describing rationale for proposed changes where the committee feels necessary.

Preliminary Deadline: March 2022

gradSERU Research Committee

Chair: Noah Wexler, Graduate School Advisory Board Representative


Charge: The GradSERU Advisory Committee (committee) shall be charged with reviewing the results of the recent 2021 GradSERU survey with the intent of better informing our advocacy moving forward, identifying novel or long-term issues facing graduate students at the University of Minnesota, and making recommendations for University policy changes where the committee feels appropriate.


Membership: The committee shall be composed of Graduate Students (not restricted to COGS General Assembly membership).

Deliverables: A report/set of recommendations to the Executive Committee and General Assembly on the results of the 2021 GradSERU survey.

Preliminary Deadline: Ongoing; December 2021

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