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Grant Applications

(Summer 2024)

Summer 2024 Grant Applications are due by Saturday, June 08, 2024 9:59 AM

Conference Grant Application

Graduate students who are presenting original work at a conference (e.g. posters, oral presentations).

Maximum reward amount:


Career Development Grant Application

Graduate students who are attending workshops, training, short courses, or traveling to internships for professional development.

Maximum reward amount:

Research Support Grant Application

Graduate students who require support conducting research and/or participating in research-related conferences, workshops, competitions, or seminars.

Maximum reward amount:

It is advisable to complete the application form in a separate Word document and then fill out the Google application form with the required basic information. At the end of each Google application form, you will be able to upload your application form along with all other application materials. Please be sure to upload your application materials as one single .pdf form and labeled properly with your x500 (e.g. kunal001_application_need | kunal001_application_travel | kunal001_application_career)

Recommendation Letters

Please ask your adviser, Dean of Graduate Studies, professor, or University of Minnesota supervisor to provide a letter of recommendation in support of your grant application. The recommendation should certify that you are currently enrolled and in good standing, and it should also describe your merits and the merits of your proposed grant activity.


Because of the competitive nature of these grants, please select a recommender who will have the time required to write you a strong recommendation.

Your recommender will submit his/her recommendation online.

Please instruct your letter writer to save the letter as a .pdf and label it with the student's x500. If you are applying to both grants, inform your adviser to label each recommendation letter as the following: (e.g. kunal001_recommendation_need | kunal001_recommendation_travel | kunal001_recommendation_career).

You may submit your application prior to the letter of recommendation, but your application will not be complete until the recommendation is received. Recommendations are due by the application deadline.

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